Avengers Director Joss Whedon Warns That President Trump Will Start Executing Gays In America

Hollywood celebrities. have been known to be very overly dramatic about President Trump. They accuse him of being ‘divisive’ and ‘fear-mongering’ but they might as well be describing themselves. Avengers director Joss Whedon just seriously suggested that President Trump is going to execute gay people in America.

First Joss Whedon pointed to a New York Times article called “Chechen Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says”. “On Saturday, a leading Russian opposition newspaper confirmed a story already circulating among human rights activists: The Chechen authorities were arresting and killing gay men,” explains the article.

So what does any of this have to do with Donald Trump? Joss Whedon posted the article with the caption, “This is harrowing, and it’s where we’re headed if we don’t unite and act. Please use your #resistance skills to address this atrocity.”

Yup, he read an article about gays being killed in another country and somehow linked that to Donald Trump. It makes about as much sense as someone reading a news story about a pedophile in France and then assuming that this makes Joss Whedon a pedophile. Basically, it makes no sense at all.

The Avengers director has always had it out for President Trump. Right after Trump was elected Joss Whedon tweeted “This is simple: Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office. It’s not about 2018. It’s about RIGHT NOW.”

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