Awful Chelsea Accuses Us Of “Hypocrisy”, She Got Her Ass Handed To Her So Hard, It’s Brutal

  1. Now that two time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has no power whatsoever, her corporate establishment cronies have been scrambling to attack Republican Donald Trump any way they can.

The person who was affected the worst by Hillary’s stunning election failure is Chelsea Clinton, who certainly had already banked on becoming First Daughter and milking it for all it is worth. Instead, Chelsea has been reduced making absurd statements, like her recent one in which she accused us of being hypocrites. Thankfully, Chelsea got destroyed for it.

Chelsea has taken to Twitter to express her bitterness about how her life turned out. She recently made a nasty and oddly vague statement about Trump and Republican voters, saying Words without action are … meaningless. Words with inaction are … just words. Words with opposite action is … hypocrisy.”

This made people laugh out loud, since Chelsea’s infamous parents are the ultimate hypocrites. Wrote one Twitter user, “ChelseaClinton Your family is expert in all three. We see you for who you are not what your team tweets.” Another echoed, “@ChelseaClinton You learned that from your mom. The hypocrisy part that is.”

Added another, “@ChelseaClinton That depends on what the meaning of “is” is.” One more said, “@ChelseaClinton I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN . I did not steal relief money for Haiti to pay for my wedding.” Ouch! Do you love you Chelsea got slammed for her stupid statement?


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