Breaking: Rush Limbaugh Reveals Proof That Obama “Weaponized ________”

Only now, with the distance of time, can we fully appreciate what a corrupt and dangerous tyrant Barack Hussein Obama was as our president.

Now that charges against former President Obama are escalating, conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh dug deeper into the scandal and revealed how Obama abused his power to target Donald Trump and other Americans.

Stated Rush recently on his program, “The Obama administration chose surveillance targets knowing that they would be talking to specific Americans, wanting to see what those specific Americans were talking about. So while they couldn’t get a FISA warrant to target Americans, they purposely targeted for surveillance foreign actors that they knew Trump transition people would be talking to and learned what they were saying that way. And that’s why Rice was requesting that these people be unmasked so that she and Obama and whoever else in this operation would understand who was being talked about and who was saying what.”

He added, “We now know that Trump has been surveilled for a year. We now know that the Obama administration was responsible for the unmasking. We now know that it was Susan Rice, who lied on five Sunday shows about Benghazi, we know that it was Susan Rice who requested the unmasking of all of these Trump officials.”

Continued Rush, “This story is not Trump and the Russians. I’m sorry to be so repetitive. The story is the surveillance that the Obama administration was engaging in of Trump and who knows who else. Now, you say, ‘Rush, this is awfully hard to believe.’ No, it isn’t. This is my point about liberals and who they are. They weaponized the IRS against conservatives, didn’t they? They most certainly did.” Do you think Rush is right? watch below:


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