Hey don’t tell the liberals that everything is going super nice since Trump was elected. Apparently , according to them everything is a mess and it’s all going down.

Clintons doesn’t really surprise us anymore with their stupid comments or actions. Chelsea Clinton, we can easily announce , is officially a proof of stupidity.

Chelsea Clinton took time to write on her twitter :

As a response to Clinton learning of 6 ICE agents arresting an undocumented illegal immigrant , she stated that. In case she didn’t know, illegal means breaking the law and in case she forgot let us refresh her memory. Another illegal action is rape. But she should talk to Juanita Broaddrick about that – the woman her father raped.

If you don’t remember let us repeat the story. Juanita Broaddrick is a former nursing home administrator who accused Bill Clinton in 1998 ( president at that time) for raping her back in 1978.

With all of this said we think Chelsea should just keep her mouth shut because she doesn’t really have a right for an opinion when it comes to this. Share if you agree !

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