CNN have lost their credibility with repeating mistake after mistake. Recently they made ridiculous claims about our new Commander-in-Chief. But, what just happened will have blown away ! This is the bottom of the television screen and it happened during their live broadcast.

Not knowing the different between Austria and Australia will have them pay a big price ! It initiated mock and funny comments on social media as the speaker said that Australia is building a wall between themselves and Slovenia. You meant Austria , right honey ?

The social media mock began with the tweet that the writer Matthew Yglesia wrote and the others joined in :

This seems a little paranoid for an island nation thousands of miles away.

— Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) February 29, 2016

When you’re too American to know the difference between Austria and Australia

— Tweets From Aleppo (@halabtweets) February 29, 2016


This is definitely now the first screw up that this channel has put out. The sad thing is that they are considered as a nation’s leading propaganda channel. You must remember the time they mistook a dildo-decorated banner for an ISIS flag during a live cross .

There were comments on twitter about it  :

Flag depicting dildos to mock ISIS used at London #pride parade. CNN thinks it’s real and reports it as breaking news

— Nara Hodge💎 (@NaraHodge) June 27, 2015


And of course , the time when they captioned a photograph of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ‘Jihadi John’.

What is happening and who has a right to be on television spreading information is a scary thing these days. That’s why , kids don’t believe everything you see !

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