Elizabeth Warren Apparently Forgot That She Was A Corrupt Politician So Donald Trump Jr. Reminded Her

Elizabeth Warren is one of the biggest liberal trolls on the face of the planet. “Pocahontas” has tried to take down Trump, elevate Hillary, and even partnered with Jill Stein on her (which proved that Trump won by even more votes than we thought in certain areas).

She attempted to speak out against Trump on the floor of the Senate. She is the biggest liberal yutz we can think of currently occupying a Senate seat.

However, some people just know how to shut her up and put her in her place. No, that’s not a woman thing, that’s a liberal thing. Here’s the original message from Sen. Warren:

And here’s a response you’re going to want to share with your friends. Haha! Epic.

Oh and for those of you that may think this is “fake news,” here’s the proof to back it up.

“Warren, according to financial disclosure forms that lawmakers are required to file, has a net worth that puts her in the top 1 percent of Americans in terms of wealth. This despite the fact that she and her colleagues regularly slam rich Americans for being too “rich and powerful” and not paying their ‘fair share.’”

“In fact, she was even paid a massive salary by Harvard in 2010 — a whopping $430,000 — to teach a bankruptcy law class. Those facts are what Trump Jr. ripped Warren for.”

Once again the liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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