Even though , saying he has been wiretapped initiated a lot of mock , President Trump didn’t really gave up on that statement. Rush Limbaugh revealed that actually there is a high possibility it’s true. “Is it unreasonable, is it unreasonable that President Trump would suspect he’s being spied on? It’s not unreasonable, is it? Telephone calls that he’s made to presidents of other countries have been leaked, transcripts have been leaked,” said Limbaugh.

“Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.” This article goes on to admit that “wiretapped data has been used in an inquiry of Trump aides. And this article goes on to say “intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House,”” said Limbaugh for New York Times on 20th of January this year.

“So it isn’t unreasonable at all for Donald Trump to suspect that he’s being tapped, that his aides are being tapped, at Trump Tower. We know that there were two FISA warrants that were issued starting last summer and then another one in October,” explained Limbaugh.

“From the moment that Donald Trump won the election back in November, there have been leaks, illegal leaks that were no question hopefully damaging. There has been a sabotage effort to undermine Trump and his administration since the election. We’ve talked about it ever since it began. I’ve had various names for it, the deep state, Friday called it silent coup or whatever, but there isn’t any doubt in my mind that this is going on,’’ said Limbaugh.

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