A giant rooster sculpture in China looks just like Trump

A giant rooster sculpture portraying President-elect Donald Trump’s famous hairdo and his distinctive hand gestures has been erected at a shopping mall in the Chinese city of Taiyuan.

The parodic fowl, which has the president-elect’s trademark hair-do and is shown making distinctly Trumpian hand gestures, has been adopted as mascot for the N1 ArtWalk Mall as part of celebrations welcoming the Year of Rooster.


Wei Qing, spokesperson for Shenghe Yangtai Business, which is selling the roosters, told CNN: “I think the rooster is very cute and funny, the hairstyle and eyebrows look very much like Donald Trump. I’m sure it will attract a lot of customers.”

After all the designer of this rooster sculpture got his inspiration from Trump, his hair and gestures.

At least four stores are even offering replicas of the giant rooster. They vary in price, starting as low as $57 and climbing as high as $1,739 for those seeking a 32-foot figure, according to CNN.

Another bird bearing resemblance to the U.S. president elect drew attention in China just last month. A photo of “Little Red,” a pheasant with golden feathers, went viral when a journalist from Hangzhou noted that the bird — at a Chinese safari park — looked similar to the incoming president, Reuters reported, citing People’s Daily.

“After comparing it with the photos … we’ve found that not only are their hairstyles alike, their eyes’ expressions are pretty similar,” Gao Hongqiang, the head bird feeder at the Chinese park, told Reuters.

The president-elect has been making significant waves in China in recent weeks. He sparked controversy after announcing he had taken a call from the president of Taiwan, which China considers a breakaway province.

He also accused Beijing of currency manipulation and flexing its military might in the South China Sea, and claimed that Chinese agents had stolen a US research drone.

The latter allegation prompted admonishment and ridicule in Chinese media. The Global Times published a stern editorial saying: “Trump is not behaving as a president who will become master of the White House in a month. He bears no sense of how to lead a superpower.”

The China Daily also lambasted Mr. Trump over the drone claim, saying: “What is truly amazing about this tweet, was the soon-to-be US president completely misrepresented what had actually happened – that is more dangerous than funny.”


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