What Gorka Said Just Proved That Obama Is A Racist, Obama Is Furious [Details]

Liberals refuse to end their relentless smears of Republican President Donald Trump and his ambitious agenda to tear down what no longer works in government and restore our once great country.

These liberals and their wealthy backers don’t want the system to be up-ended, however, and are threatened. Their favorite tactic in attacking Trump is saying that anything Trump wants to do is automatically “racist.” This is a holdover from the destructive strategies of Barack Hussein Obama, who actively tried to divide our country along racial lines. Thankfully, Dr. Sebastian Gorka finally crushed Obama for good that he’s the one who is a hypocrite about race.

Longtime Trump supporter and current adviser Gorka discussed President Trump’s newly revised travel ban and commented about Obama and liberals’ criticism that it is, like everything else, “racist”, “Well, then I guess the Obama administration were Islamophobes, as well, because the list of seven nations – which we’ve actually reduced to six, excluding a very large country called Iraq – that list was inherited from the Obama administration’s analysis.”

He continued, “The fact is, we agree with the threat analysis from the Obama administration, which also had concurrence from Congress, as well, that these are the seven nations that are most problematic when it comes to national security vetting for immigration and for refugees.”

Added Gorka, “And again, I cannot make this point enough times: if there were any dread ulterior motive to this executive order with regards to Islam or Muslim nations, why is the largest Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia, not included? Why is the largest Arab Muslim nation in the world, Egypt, not included? This is about national security, very very simply.” How much do you love Sebastian Gorka for proving that, by crazy liberals’ logic, Obama is a “racist”? Listen to his full interview below:

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