Idiot Juan Williams Just “Apologized” To Obama For Us, Then He Got Destroyed

Fox News’ resident foolish liberal Juan Williams has gone far before in making outrageous and false comments about conservatives, but he has never quite gone this far before.

In a truly disgusting turn of events, angry former Hillary Clinton supporter Williams just “apologized” to President Barack Hussein Obama on behalf of conservatives. Fortunately, he got fiercely punished for it.

Juan Williams made the completely incorrect assertion that Obama was somehow attacked by the media, contrasting it with how the media is treating President Donald Trump, which is laughable. Stated Williams, “Right-wing media to President Obama: We are so very sorry.”

He talked about how the Wall Street Journal recently criticized Trump, and said, “Will right-wing talk radio follow the Journal’s example? Imagine the reaction from far-right talk radio — the people who raised hell and their ratings by attacking Obama daily with accusations about fake scandals — if the 44thpresident had lied about his predecessor or if people in his circle had been taking money from Russia.”

People on Twitter utterly destroyed Williams. Said one user, “ Obama acted like theDictatorThug he wishes he could be! SPYING LYING THREATS2MEDIA.” Added another, “ @thehill Obama’s “fake scandals”? There you go again. IRS targeting, Benghazi, etc. Enuf fake news. Covering up reality.” Do you think Juan Williams is wrong for apologizing on behalf of the ring wing media to Obama?

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