Jeanine Just Said Something So Vicious, It Shut Goofy Liz Up For Good, Holy Sh*t

Democrats are now scrambling to decide who they will trot out as their appointed 2020 presidential candidate, because they full expected Hillary Clinto to be running for re-election then, and they foolishly did not think to come up with a back-up plan.

Now, some people in the Democratic establishment have been floating Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as a presidential candidate possibility, which would, of course, be political suicide once again for the Democrats. After Warren’s latest ridiculous comments, Jeanine Pirro just went off on Warren.

Liberals have been spewing nonsense lately, trying to make several wild accusations at once just to see if something will stick. Senator Warren, who Donald Trump nicknamed “Pocahontas,” said several unhinged things during new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, such as saying that he “embraced right-wing, pro-corporate views” and is “under a cloud” of suspicion over something Warren could not define.

Jeanine Pirro went on The O’Reilly Factor and ripped Warren apart for her stupid comments and how she can’t offer an iota of proof about any of her accusations. Said Pirro about Goofy Liz, “She talks about his record and how he’s not in the mainstream. And yet she doesn’t identify anything in his record.”

Pirro addressed how Warren accused Gorsuch of being anti-female, when the truth came out how Warren pays her own female staffers significantly less than her male staffers. Said Jeanine, “Most incredible about this, she doesn’t identify anything in his record” that backs up her accusations. Continued Pirro, “Here is a woman in a canoe paddling upstream without a paddle, she has no facts behind her argument.” Are you glad Jeanine called out this idiot?

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