Kasich Demands Sick Punishment For ‘Extreme’ Republicans

John Kasich is sometimes called a Republican in name only. He just proved that by going on CNN’s State of the Union and suggesting that we should ‘marginalize’ extreme Republicans. What exactly qualifies as extreme?

“Well, there’s a way to improve all of this and to safe money and transform the system. look, if you’re on the extreme, whether you’re on the right or whether you’re on the left, you ought to be marginalized,” said Kasich on CNN.

“That’s what happens when you bring reasonable Republicans with reasonable Democrats together and then you begin to see the extremes start to move a little bit to be more constructive. Right now when you start with a deck that’s only limited number of cards, then you don’t have a big hand to play,” said Kasich.

“Frankly, if Republicans quietly over time will reach out to Democrats, find the constructive ones, you will begin to marginalize the extremes. You know what, when people say in my state, we should drop 700,000 people, a third of whom are mentally ill or drug addicted and a quarter of whom are chronically ill, we should turn our back on them?” asked Kasich.

“That’s not America. That’s not a country that loves all of its citizens. That’s really extreme. Frankly, it borders on mean,” said Kasich. What do you think of his comments? Check out the interview below.


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