“This Man Is A Hero. He Has Balls” Syrians Voice Their True Opinions About Trump After Assad Airstrike

The media is trying their hardest to make President Trump look like a monster for attacking Assad in Syria. However, many struggling Syrians are extremely grateful for what Trump did. This is the story the mainstream media will never share.

“It was the happiest news that I’ve heard in my life,” says a man identifying as Ahmad, told Public Radio International. ““hen you walk in Khan Sheikhoun you can see smiles on people’s faces when they hear there was an attack on the criminal Bashar al-Assad,” he explained.

A seven year old girl Bana Alabed tweeted a thank you note to President Trump. “I am a Syrian child who suffered under Bashar al Asad & Putin. I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people. Putin and Bashar al Asad bombed my school, killed my friends & robbed my childhood. It’s time to punish the killers of children in Syria,” said Alabed.

An English teacher in rebel-held Syria Wissam Zarqa also told the radio station how gratefull he is for president Trump. “Finally, the international community is reacting in the right way, targeting a military target that is causing death to thousands of civilians. Over the past six years we’ve grown disappointed with the international community, nothing, just watching. This is first time the real cause of all the trouble in Syria is being targeted,” said Zarqa.

According to The Telegraph, one man Qusai Zakaria said that “I am going to name my son Donald, if I have one. This man is a hero. He has balls.”

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