Michigan Muslims Horrified When They See What Fed-Up Residents Have Hidden In Their Coffee Shop

DEARBORNISTAN: Muslims are on edge after finding out what American citizens have hidden in their local coffee shop. To a typical American, there would be no alarm, but for the Muslims? They’re freaking out.

When a Dearbornistan Muslim woman walked into a local Starbucks, she thought it would be just another day chatting with a barista and not having any bacon on her breakfast sandwich. That’s when things took a turn for the strange. A man who worked there tried to convince her to remove her burka. Then he showed her something he was holding behind the counter. At first, she was nervous to see it. But then he pulled it out and it was shocking – she couldn’t even handle it.

He showed her a Christian Bible and she began to get nervous. The man tried to show her similarities in the Christian religion and Islam and wanted her to remove the headscarf and convert away from Islam.

She left the Starbucks with a bitter taste in her mouth after finding out the man was a missionary.

Right in her own Dearbornistan, a dreaded Christian man trying to convert people to the opposing side of the Crusades. It’s like trying to convince Larry Bird to play for the Chicago Bulls – it won’t ever happen.

The Muslim residents in Dearbornistan, the town with the biggest wave of Muslims in America, has now been a bit edgy ever since they learned about the secret missionaries hidden throughout their town.

Funny how that works, because the American citizens have felt a certain way since they’ve invaded Dearborn and now it no longer resembles an American city. It’s becoming to look a lot like the Middle East. Sure, there’s American construction, homes, and shops – but where are the Americans?

What has Dearborn become?

Will the missionaries restore Dearborn?

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