Desperately wanting to destroy our new president doesn’t really surprise us anymore. Since Trump won the election there are people who tend to say and do different things to take him down. The biggest traitor in Washington D.C must be John McCain. He made it a personal mission to destroy President Trump , talking nonsense about him and spearheading attacks against him. He even pointed that Donald Trump and the Russians worked together to accomplish one goal- to steal the election from Hillary.

This clown has been leading a vicious campaign against the Russian government also. But he clearly forgets who was behind the fake Russian hooker story. Since Trump became a President , McCain is putting a lot of effort to dethrone Donald.

But , as always , the truth comes out. You will never believe what was just found on McCain’s computer !

The Mister Anti- Russia , himself was actually begging the Russians for donations to his presidential campaign back in 2008 ! Thanks to WikiLeaks , following the sudden death of Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin few days ago , they decided to prove once and for all who is truly the one sucking up with the Russians.


Here’s the letter where McCain was begging Vitaly Churkin for money , as a proof !

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