What happens when you start dividing people is a story by itself. The crime rises , the unprotected ones face difficult times and the chaos is all we know. An example is current situation happening in Europe and the influx of refugees. These people, not in general, but particularly have caused tons of problems. And the reason behind it is because they don’t live by the same code as the rest of the world. This has been an issue for quite some while now.

So , lets get into the story. This is such a cruel world and when we mean by cruel is how soulless people can actually be. This is a story of how a 14-years-old Swedish girl was viciously raped by two of her classmates. She was raped in her own school by two Muslim boys last May.

One of the boys was a 16-years-old boy named Ajuub and the other boy was 15-years-old. The attackers orally and vaginally raped the girl in the school’s bathroom.

What these ‘animals’ faced as a punishment is miserable. Ajuub was considered to suffer from an ‘’impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong’’ and he was punished mildly. Last December he was convicted to 100 hours of youth service and 24 meetings with a social worker as well. The meetings are allegedly going to help him learn the difference between right and wrong and to learn how to make ‘ better decisions’.  The other boy was considered by Swedish law to be young to be criminally responsible. He was set free.

Wow ! This is heinous. Not only they barely faced a punishment by the government , they were able to go back to the same school . What is even more sad, they were considered ‘a victims’ too.

This is a perfect example why Trump’s vetting process needs to be implemented. Share to raise awareness ! These animals cannot be allowed to enter this country !

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