This NBC Host Just Went Off On Chuck Schumer And Told The Truth No Trump-Hater Wanted To Hear

After national security, probably the most important job that the President has, is nominating future Supreme Court Justices. Many elections have been swayed by a party’s beliefs about how a candidate would make that selection process, and rightly so.

President Trump made his selection after thoughtful consideration, and with the help of some staunchly constitutionalist originalist groups. This didn’t set well with the ever evolving Democrats, and their fearless leader, Chuck Schumer, has now decided to use whatever means necessarily to block the highly qualified Gorsuch’s conformation.

NBC’s Chuck Todd took the time to point out the hypocrisy of that:

With Schumer saying things like:

“Look, when a nominee doesn’t get 60 votes, you shouldn’t change the rules,” Schumer said. “You should change the nominee” and “The other side didn’t get their nominee,” Schumer said. “Sit down and work with us and we will produce a mainstream nominee.”

It’s clear that he’s a little sketchy on how this whole majority/minority thing works. The Obama administration had it’s fun in the sun, and the American people decided it was time for some positive change. That’s why the Republicans were elected, and that’s why President Trump was elected. Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate may want “mainstream” but obviously, that’s not the wish of middle America.

If voters are unhappy with what Senate republicans are doing, they will let their politicians know in the mid-term elections, but until then the Democrats need to stop acting like that toddler that didn’t get what they wanted in the store, so they flop around and throw a tantrum.  Forward motion may cease, but you look like an immature idiot, and chances are you’ve got a very unpleasant encounter in your future when you get back home.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Gorsuch’s nomination on Monday and the vote will go to the full Senate later in the week.

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