Obama Surveillance Scandal – Fox & Friends’ Report will make your BLOOD BOIL with RAGE!

The Obama Surveillance Scandal just got personal for Trump Supporters. We are learning how the Obama Administration weaponized Government Intel. It seems that the Obama Administration didn’t stop with Trump or his direct affiliates.

No, Fox News’ Adam Housley just reported on Fox and Friends that some of the people “unmasked” by high-level Obama Administration Officials were “Trump Supporters.” He used the exact words “including some Supporters, for up to a year.” He said this on April 3, 2017, during the morning broadcast of Fox & Friends.

And here is the same Video in case they take down the Facebook Embed:

Also, the unmasking was requested by Susan Rice, as reported by Bloomberg.

You might be thinking, Oh wait, I never talked to anyone outside of the United States, so I am not on the list. Are you sure about that? It doesn’t matter because Fox News previously said it had nothing to do with “Foreign Intelligence.”

Have you ever messaged someone on Twitter, Facebook, or Skype? How about sending a text message to another Trump Supporter? How do you know the person you volunteered with while supporting Trump wasn’t being watched by Obama’s people? So again, I ask, did Obama spy on you too?

If you were an effective online advocate for Donald Trump, and you routinely used Social Media to communicate, there is a fair chance you were the subject of the Obama Administration’s spying on Trump Supporters!

I don’t say this lightly. This is very serious! Adam Housley is an investigative Journalist. He does not do Opinion reports. He reports facts. You can see by his Tweet that he agrees on the seriousness of his findings…

This is the single most serious offense against the American People in Modern History. This makes Watergate look like a Parking Ticket! Do you think Obama should be held accountable?

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Democracy is dying in the shadow of the Mainstream Media!

God Bless! God Bless America!!


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