Oh My GOD! Obama is FREAKING Out About What Tucker Carlson Just Exposed on Live TV!

Tucker Carlson is PISSED and refuses to hold back anymore. After yesterday’s BOMBSHELL about Susan Rice spying on Trump, Tucker was horrified.

He UNLOADED on Obama on live TV in the best moment i’ve ever seen in Cable news. Every American needs to see this!

Rice, who was Obama’s National Security Adviser, was confirmed as the one who SPIED on Presient Trump and spread his private information throughout the intelligence community. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral! 

“So What exactly were the obama people doing spying on the trump people? And by the way, let’s stop the silly euphemisms. Monitoring the conversations of your political OPPONENT and then trampling measureS to protect their identities isn’t incidental collection, it is spying.”

“Now we’re told that Susan Rice’s Behavior wasn’t illegal in fact. U.S. Law gives Tremendous lattitude to the Intelligence agencies to surveil Americans, as well as to the White House and Officials there who claim they “need to see” that information and pass it along to the other parts of Government. That’s supposed to reassure all of us but it shouldn’t. Because what it means is that our laws currently provide no serious protection to U.S. Citizens from being spied upon for political reasons by their own government.”

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