OMG! What Trump Did For This Man In White Proves That He’s The Best President Ever!

President Trump stopped his motorcade on Friday to greet supporters while on his way to Mar-a-Lago. He then invited them over to the “Winter White House” to meet him.

Check out this awesome picture:

Look at the guy on the far left. This is his story via Reddit:

“For about a year I’ve been “sign waving” to rally local support for Trump with the FL Trump Street Team — — and other local patriots. We fought hard to win Florida and we NEVER gave up hope — even when the media was trying to psychologically defeat us all and make us think there was NO chance of winning! We campaigned up until the very last day @ the early voting poll locations.

A number of local centipedes (R- gather to welcome President Trump whenever he flies home to Palm Beach… and yesterday there was a small group of “hardcore” supporters who waited all afternoon to show our support for him as he returned back to Mar-a-Largo from Trump International Golf Club.”

*** HELL YES! This is why he is the people’s president.

Here’s all of us shortly before the President drove by:

Then check out what Trump did. Shortly after this pic was taken his motorcade passed by and a white van pulled up and two White House staffers said that the President wanted to meet them!! How great! Here’s a video from inside the van.

We are invited to meet President Trump…. OMG

Posted by Jennifer Eady on Saturday, March 18, 2017

According to the staffer that picked them up, President Trump liked their “God Bless Trump” sign. She said that security led them into the Grand Ballroom.

About to meet President Trump! !!

Posted by Jennifer Eady on Saturday, March 18, 2017

The President walked in with Steve Bannon and Trump met with all of them. Trump talked to them like “you guys get it.” He then trashed fake news and how they distorted his meeting with Angela Merkel.

Then he got to meet Steve Bannon and thank him for the “TREMENDOUS job he is doing on strategy and for crafting the powerful messaging we needed to win.”

He left off the story with the following quote:

“What’s so amazing about Trump is his historic courage and his sense of empathy. Even though Mr. Trump is unimaginably wealthy & now sits is the most powerful of all the globalist elites – he has never forgotten his roots, still sees himself as a hardworking American patriot, and he STILL cares about normal people. When he says the America’s forgotten men and women will never be forgotten again, believe him!”

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