According to openmagazines:

There is a petition to cancel Lady Gaga from 2017 NFL halftime show.

Make your voice heard! The NFL has become a leftist propaganda machine, and we are not buying it anymore! From Bob Costa’s gun control propaganda, to supporting Beyonce’s black supremacy agenda at the 2016 Superbowl, and Kaepernick’s failing knees, the NFL has alienated millions of ordinary everyday Americans. Yet they still can’t seem to get the message for why their ratings have tanked. They blame it on everyone and everything, except for where the blame clearly lies..with themselves!

Tell them loud and clear…WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! We will refuse to participate in celebrating with someone who expresses hate for those who disagree with her, or the hate she expresses for President Trump. If they do not change the propaganda halftime show with angry leftist agitator Lady Gaga, we will continue to boycott the NFL, including their 2017 Superbowl, and related sponsors.

Lady Gaga is a disgrace to all Americans. When an election is won by the majority of the people by a landslide, you Lady Gaga don’t go out and entice people and keep this nation divided by screaming ” not my president”! As many people look up to you especially younger people, you need to set the example and say…the American people have spoken and this country will move forward and we will begin to come together! Not the opposite! Every logical American knows this is how an election works. Wether we agree or disagree, we still must support who the majority of the country voted for. That’s the American thing to do. That’s what has always been done in previous elections!

PETITION: Do You Want NFL to Cancel Lady Gaga from 2017 NFL Halftime Show

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