The world would be such a nice place to live in if the people who share the same religion fight back the ones making them evil. We don’t say there are not peaceful Muslims , there are, and they outnumber the violent ones but it is nothing but a fact. It is because the violent radicals are leaving everything they touch a pure disaster. It all takes a little bit of study and fact checking to prove that liberal views that Islam is a peaceful religion is completely false.

With all this said , let us tell you the new story that took place in Florida. CAIR- Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze , as a way to protect himself and his people , has taken it upon to hold firearms training in the Mosque.

The people in Sarasota have shown lots of support for those who have committed suicide bombings and that’s why they are considered to be Anti-American.  The Democrats for sure are not making any noise about this fact ! But if it was a Christian church , the Democrats would care for sure ! And this people , meaning of CAIR, who are allowed to influence in the States in many different have been linked to terrorism.

But what about NRA? How often have you heard about American gun owners organization responsible for mass shootings around The States ? And all this while forgetting Obama’s administration is the one standing behind the Paris terrorists that took so many innocent lives, with putting guns into their hands.

This is unbelievable and totally insane ! Political correctness is definitely a Marxist tool to get you aligned with whatever to government wants you to be aligned with, meaning of the acceptance of radical Islam in any and every form


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