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WATCH: Massive Loretta Lynch Lie Just EXPOSED, Bill and Hillary are Going DOWN

The hypocrisy of the Democrats continues to be revealed. For everything they accuse President Trump of doing, Obama has ACTUALLY done, and worse. A leaked memo reveals that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was protecting Hillary Clinton from indictment. Loretta Lynch promised Hillary that the investigation wouldn’t “go too far.” The …

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Loretta Lynch Demands Republican Blood And Death In Violent New Video

Loretta Lynch just released a very shocking anti-Trump video that could easily be described as an active call for violence against Republicans. She posted a video called “Never Been Easy” on the U.S. Senate Democrat’s Facebook page. It appears she is calling for a civil war. “I know that this …

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BREAKING: Trump Fires Attorney General Loretta Lynch

President-elect Donald Trump has fired Attorney General Loretta Lynch from her post and nominated Sen. Jeff Sessions to replace her.  Loretta Lynch, who famously boarded a plane with Bill Clinton for a “private meeting” during ongoing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton, is likely to leave office in April 2017 just before …

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