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Michigan Muslims Horrified When They See What Fed-Up Residents Have Hidden In Their Coffee Shop

DEARBORNISTAN: Muslims are on edge after finding out what American citizens have hidden in their local coffee shop. To a typical American, there would be no alarm, but for the Muslims? They’re freaking out. When a Dearbornistan Muslim woman walked into a local Starbucks, she thought it would be just …

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Trump Just Unleashed ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis On American Muslims, THOUSANDS About To Get a One-Way Ticket To GITMO

For the past 8 years, terrorists across the world have had an absolute hay day with Obama as president, as he continued to hand out our tax dollars to terrorists like freaking candy, released high-ranking jihadists from GITMO, and refused to ever decry the actions of his Muslim kin. But …

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92 Nasty Muslims BLINDSIDED By Trump When He Shocks Them With PERFECT Surprise!

Anyone who doubted that Donald Trump would really stick to his campaign promises, grossly underestimated him as the world has seen in his first couple days in office that he isn’t anything like Barack Obama. Not only is he unlike the president he replaced, but he’s also not a career …

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