Trey Gowdy Just Finished Comey’s Career With One Brutal Question, Holy Sh*t

FBI Director James Comey has been on the hot seat for a very long time, for reasons that are all his own doing. Comey has been skillfully playing both sides for years, first pleasing Democrats by letting Hillary Clinton of the hook, then appeasing Republicans by reopening the investigation against her right before the election in an “October surprise” for Donald Trump.

Now, however, he appears to have run out of friends, as the dangerous and possibly illegal actions he has made the FBI take against our president and our country’s citizens have blown up in his face. In the recent hearing about the FBI’s role in the government leaks and the investigation about Obama’s wiretapping, Congressman Trey Gowdy just asked Comey a devastating question that may spell the end of his career.

Gowdy wanted to go straight to the source to find out how so many media outlets, particularly liberal biased newspapers such as the New York Times, got their hands on classified information about the FBI and other agencies’ investigations about the 2016 election.

Gowdy read some of the headlines to Comey, and then stated that he “thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information information. Is it?” Responded Comey, acknowledging that what he did is indeed a crime, “Oh, yes, sure. It’s a serious crime.”

Continued Comey, “I’m not going to comment on those particular articles because I don’t want to in any circumstance compound a criminal act by confirming that it was classified information. In general, yes, it’s a serious crime,” he reiterated. “It should be for the reasons you said.” How much do you love Trey Gowdy for pinning Comey down like this? Watch the full questioning below:

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