Trump Was RIGHT About Syria And This Picture PROVES It!

It’s looking more and more like Donald Trump was RIGHT about Assad in Syria using Chemical weapons. Assad TRIED to claim it was ISIS, but now we have PICTURES proving Trump was right the whole time!

The pictures were released by Russian media sources and show something VERY suspicious at the airbase Trump bombed.

Do you see it? It’s okay, let me zoom in just a bit…

SEE? Those right there are the EXACT same barrels Assad used to store chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction before!

Not just that, they even have to be handled with extreme caution.

o the questions now are:

  1. Why did Assad have this GIANT stash of weapons after Susan Rice and John Kerry both said they had cleared them all from Syria?

  2. Why is it that these pictures were Tweeted out from a Russian account?


Regardless, this is DEFINITELY not looking good for Syria right now. Donald Trump even called the Russians in advance so they could get out of the way.

Thank God we finally have a president who takes action instead of drawing lines in the sand. Help us send a prayer to President Trump by Sharing this out with a big AMEN!

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