“I-I-I-I-I-Um” Tucker Carlson Crushes DNC Member Over Transgender Laws So Hard He’s Left Stuttering

Tucker Carlson debated a Zac Petkanas a senior advisor at the DNC who believes that someone’s gender is not based on biology and is entirely based on what you say it is. Tucker started by making fun of an overly dramatic tweet Petkanas made. “I woke up feeling so sick to my stomach about the Trump White House’s attacks on vulnerable LGBT kids. These people are monsters,” he tweeted.

“Donald Trump is not only a monster, but he’s a coward. We’re talking about somebody who is so emasculated by Vladimir Putin…that he has to come back and pick on vulnerable kids,” confirmed Petkanas on the show. After Carlson crushed him for saying that he moved on to the real questions.

“My obvious question to you is: how do I know if a person is male or female, is there some absolute standard that people have to meet to be male or female other than what they say?” asked Carlson.

“One’s gender identity is enough to show what gender they are, and so if you’re confused about that then I leave that to your level of enlightenment,” said Petkanas.

“If your sex is what you say it is, then what prevents me from playing on a women’s field hockey team? What prevents me from getting convicted of a felony and demanding to go to a women’s prison? It’s a real question,” said Carlson. Petkanas tried to argue that the questions were insulting rather than answering them. Carlson pointed out how anti-science this all is and offered him $1000 to bring on a real scientist who believes this stuff. Check out the interview below.
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